Amazing news! Become a world wide certified KundaDance teacher! Maya Fiennes is back at YogaMana.


Become a world wide certified KundaDance teacher step 1 & 2, Maya Fiennes is back at YogaMana in May 2024.

We are so happy to have, for the third time, LA yogi Maya Fiennes back at YogaMana, offering her unique KundaDance teacher training Step 1 and 2 in May 2024!

KundaDance is a unique, creative vibrant style of yoga. It can be explained as a 60-minute high-intensity, fun, uplifting, cardio, dance workout. It’s a creative movement class combining Kundalini Yoga (powerful yoga poses and pranayama), Thai Chi and Qi Gong. KundaDance is dancing through your chakras!

KundaDance Step 1 is for anyone interested in teaching KundaDance or just taking their practice to the next level and can be enjoyed with any level of experience. Once you have completed the course, you will be a world wide certified KundaDance Step 1 teacher.

KundaDance Step 1: May 25, 11.00-16.00
Where: Sigtunagatan 8, Stockholm

KundaDance Step 2 (Advanced Teacher Training) is the natural progression from KundaDance step 1. In May 2024 there is a unique possibility to join both step 1 and 2 at once and learn directly from Maya herself. With new movements and music this program takes the transformative essence of KundaDance to a whole new level.

In KundaDance Step 2 you delve deeper into the realms of the chakras and pushing boundaries physically, emotionally, and mentally.

KundaDance Step 2: May 26, 10.00-15.00
Where: Sigtunagatan 8, Stockholm

– Book KundaDance Step 1 (5950 SEK) May 25 here.
– Book KundaDance Step 2 (5550 SEK) May 26 here.
– OR book both Step 1 and 2 (9950 SEK) May 25-26 here.

When booking both step 1 and 2, you get 1550 SEK discount and pay only 9950 SEK instead of 11.500 SEK.

Read more about the trainings here. 

Welcome to join the KundaDance Teacher Training – an extraordinary fusion of energy and joy!