Penny Christodoulides

Penny describes herself as a Lover of life, walker, runner, cycler and gymer.

Penny has travelled world wide for education learning from a myriad of schools and sages, nurturing an endless thirst for self improvement and to help others feel better under their skin and to develop an understanding of the body, mind and life as we know it.

Penny is inspired by yoga since 2006 and an Osteopath since 2016 with an established clinic in Odenplan.

She believes that helping others feel the best they can in their daily existence means one person or more suffers less.

At YogaMana Penny currently offers Hatha Yoga on Monday and Wednesday mornings 06.45-08.15 and Inversions & Backbends every Saturday 09.00-10.30. The classes are in English.

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