Maya Fiennes is back at YogaMana!

LA yogi Maya Fiennes will this time offer one of her all time most popular workshop “Transform Your Om” at YogaMana October 13th. This workshop is based on Maya’s magical Kundalini method. A method that has helped people all over the world to bring joy and happiness into every day life. Talk time on this self care Sunday to surrender yourself completely, immerse yourself in her teaching and as you receive these blessing the shifts will start to happen. Maya will use kundalini yoga, her deep knowledge and her amazing spirit always shared with love, laughter and fun!

On October 12th Maya is offering you to become on of the worlds first KundaDance teacher. More info here.

Maya is an extraordinary musician, composer, yogi and travels the world facilitating retreats, live performances, and teacher trainings as well as workshops. She is the author of “Yoga for Real Life”, founder of “KundaDance” as well as “the Maya Fiennes Method”.

This workshop can be enjoyed by every level of experience and will be held in English.

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