Welcome to the exciting world of KundaDance Step 2 – Advanced Teacher Training!

Experience increased energy, inspiration, and upliftment with new movements and music designed for each chakra.

This program takes the transformative essence of KundaDance to a whole new level, delving deeper into the realms of the chakras and pushing boundaries physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Unlock the Power of Kundadance Advance Teacher Training:

Are you ready to take your Kundadance journey to the next level?

Enjoy a transformative experience designed program for those seeking to dive deeper into the world of Kundalini Yoga-infused dance.

Join us for Kundadance Advance Teacher Training, the natural progression from KD 1.

Here’s what you can expect:

Elevated Experience: Kundadance Advance is where the dance becomes an art form. It’s perfect for those who have already explored the magic of Kundadance and are ready for a more profound, artistic, and spiritually enriching journey.

New Music: Say goodbye to the familiar and embrace the magic of new music. The rhythms and melodies will ignite your spirit and elevate your dance experience.

New Movements: Explore fresh movements that will invigorate your body and soul. KundaDance Advance is a journey of continuous growth and evolution.

New Mantras: Dive into the power of new mantras, deepening your connection to the ancient wisdom of Kundalini Yoga. These mantras will elevate your consciousness and elevate your practice.

Advanced Exploration: Delve into the intricacies of Kundalini Yoga principles and dance movements. Expect a deeper dive into advanced kriyas and routines that will awaken your spirit and elevate your practice.

Spiritual Enlightenment: KundaDance Advance isn’t just about the physical; it’s a voyage into the depths of your spiritual self. Experience a profound connection with your inner energy centers, expand your consciousness, and discover self-realization.

Intensity and Growth: This training will challenge you physically and mentally. It’s for those who are prepared to push boundaries, grow stronger, and embrace the intensity of an advanced practice.

Your Journey, Your Way: Whether you aspire to teach Kundadance Advance or simply wish to deepen your practice, this training provides the tools and knowledge to empower your unique path.

Ready to ascend to the next level of your Kundadance practice? Join us on this extraordinary adventure of self-discovery and empowerment.

About Maya
Maya is an extraordinary musician, composer, yogi and travels the world facilitating retreats, live performances, and teacher trainings as well as workshops. She is the author of “Yoga for Real Life”, founder of “KundaDance” as well as “the Maya Fiennes Method”.


Course information:
Once you have completed KundaDance Step 2, you will be a certified KundaDance Advanced Teacher and will be able to teach out anywhere in the world with great knowledge and passion.

To qualify and get your KundaDance® step 2 certificate you will send a video of yourself teaching KundaDance® to Maya for review after the course. You can take the course only for your own wellness and spiritual journey without certification.

Read more about KundaDance here.

KundaDance Step 2
: Sunday May 26 at 10am – 3 pm
Language: English
Price: 5550 SEK to be paid upon booking (including electronic manuals with music etc) or book both Step 1 and 2 for 9950 SEK.
Place: YogaMana, Sigtunagatan 8, Stockholm (In the area Vasastan close to Odenplan/St Eriksplan).
Contact: info@yogamana.se or cellphone: +46 70 627 05 35
Booking terms: The registration is binding. However, the slot may be transferred to another person. The paid course fee is not refundable.


Not yet a certified KundaDance Teacher Step 1? Welcome to join us on May 25. Read more about Step 1 here. 


– Book KundaDance Step 1 (5950 SEK) May 25 here.
– Book KundaDance Step 2 (5550 SEK) May 26 here.
– OR book both Step 1 and 2 (9950 SEK) May 25-26 here.

When booking both step 1 and 2, you get 1550 SEK discount and pay only 9950 SEK instead of 11.500 SEK.

Warmly welcome!

  • 5550 kr

  • Sun May 26 10am-3pm

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