Kripa Patra Rode

For as long as Kripa Patra Rode can remember, she’s been drawn towards Eastern philosophies and disciplines of body/mind. Yoga came to her in 1988. and during that time, she was dancing classical ballet and later competed in bicycle racing on the East coast of the US. Yoga became her quiet companion and helped in the development of these disciplines.

When relocating to Miami Beach in 1998, she was introduced to Ashtanga yoga, which she found to be the perfect combination of movement and stillness. It was then, that she decided to devote herself completely to this path, received a teacher certificate and started teaching in South Beach, FL. The next 3 years were spent in travelling across the US to study with various talented teachers.

Kripa has studied with many different teachers for the past 20+ years of her yoga career. She’s chosen specifically individual teachers to learn from, as opposed to a particular school or institution, except for Ashtanga, which was very traditional and 200hr tt certificate obtained 98 from Wayne Krassner, South Beach, FL. During her initial learning, she spend from a week to a month with teachers like, Tias Little, Rod Stryker, Duncan Won, Dharma Mittra, Byron Baptiste, John Schumacker, Larry Schultz (TT-Rocket), Swami Bua. In the last 10 years, teachers like, Dena Kingsberg, Annie Carpenter, Chuck Miller, Chimey Lhatso (TT-Conscious Movement).
Kripa performs YinYoga at YogaMana Center Sibyllegatan 67 on Thursdays 12.30-13.30.

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