Photo by: Magnus Nygren

Clive Guiver

We each have our own journey, with our own obstacles, and for Clive yoga provides for a platform to work through those obstacles, to explore, to expand, to go beyond.

With a background in Psychology and counselling Clive´s passion for healing has inspired an exploration of variety of healing modalities, including yoga and meditation, reiki, and shamanic healing. He weaves the best of these approaches into a mindful symphony of breath and movement.

With a focus on intelligent sequencing, practical alignment, and conscious movements, Clive creates a space where, on all levels, we can return for exploration, for self reflection, for transformation.

At YogaManas Clive offers Hatha Flow on Mondays 19.00-20.15, Wednesdays 19.15-20.30 and Saturdays 16.30-18.00.

Photo of Clive: Magnus Nygren

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